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Friday, March 23, 2012


Samsung E2652 Champ Duos model comes with many useful Features we will mention them next, But the main goal of this article is teaching you the right steps you need to follow when update the Firmware of Samsung E2652 model.

The steps we will show you here must be followed one by one to get the right result and get your Samsung E2652 firmware updated.

Samsung-E2652-Champ-Duos-frimwareSamsung E2652W Firmware Update Steps:

  1. Make Sure that Infineon USB Drivers is installed on your PC.
  2. Run Samsung E2652W Downloader.
  3. At the Erases Calibration drop down menu select: Erase whole flash before download.
  4. Now you have to select the Firmware Files in the next order.
  5. Drag & Drop this file first: E2652Wxxxxx_BIN.fls
  6. Drag & Drop this file second : E2652Wxxxxx_CDS.fls
  7. Drag & Drop this file third : E2652WOxxxxx_CSC.dffs
  8. Drag & Drop this file third : E2652XXKB2_psi_flash.fls
  9. Drag & Drop this file third : E2652XXKB2_UI_IMAGE.fls
  10. Click Start ( Next in new versions ) button.
  11. Click Start USB1 button and connect USB cable to turned off phone with battery to Start the Update.
  12. Do nothing till the program tells you that the process is Success.
  13. Turn the phone on and do full reset by this code: *2767*3855#.

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